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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Let’s face it, leggings are here to stay.  Long gone are the days when you only wore leggings to the gym or yoga class. These days athleisure or athletic-casual wear has become fashion appropriate for just about any scenario when put together properly.  Today we are talking about storing all of those trendy leggings.

If you have embraced the trend of wearing yoga leggings with everything, you’ve probably found yourself with a TON of them.  Here at Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga, we found the perfect solution for storing our massive collection of colorful, basic and wild leggings all in one place.  We thought we should share how we store our leggings in a way that you can pack as many in a drawer as possible and still be able to quickly see and scan for your favorite pair. Say goodbye to rummaging through your closet and making a mess. Here’s our storage solution for a your growing legging collection.

roll up your yoga leggings
Make room for all of those pairs of leggings.

Rolling up your leggings and storing them like little columns allows you to pack as many as you can in one place without stacking on top of each other.  This way, when you open the drawer you can clearly see your collection.  It will save you time and the hassle of folding and re-organizing your drawer.

Do you have a great way to store your athletic stuff?  Please share your great storage tips with us

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