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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Do you desire to have more peace and clarity in your life?  Of course you do, which is why Selenite is such a great stone to have in your life! Selenite is highly regarded for its cleansing and healing properties as it is a very powerful healing crystal, which is why we always have selenite around the store and studio. 

Selenite is an abundant stone also known as Satin Spar because of the milky sheen that illuminates from the surface. It's also a beautiful stone used in decor for it's reflective qualities to bring light to a space.  Named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, Selenite is a spiritual stone that brings peace and tranquility by dispelling negativity with its protective force. You can shift the energy to be more positive in your space with this glistening white healing crystal.

This delicate stone is classified as an evaporate and can easily be chipped, carved and shaped.  Interestingly, although Selenite is soft and lacks in physical strength, it's strength in the healing realm is very powerful. Through radiating light energy, it is frequently used in the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. The clarity that you can physically see in a Selenite stone mirrors its healing properties. It's a wonderful stone to clear communication issues which is why it's associated with coming into awareness of your higher sense of self and your truth. 

It's powerful vibration of peace clears energy from people, places and things yet it does not need to be cleansed itself! In fact, Selenite can be used to cleanse and recharge your other crystals by placing your crystals on top of or beside overnight! Since Selenite is associated with the moon, we like placing our crystals in a window to be charged.

Here are a some of the many healing ways to use Selenite:

• In Meditation, wave over the body with one point toward the crown chakra and the other point toward the root chakra with an intention of being radiant light. • Wear Selenite Jewelry to ward off negative energies and keep your beautiful light shining! • Used before a reiki session to cleanse away any negativity and relax tension in the body of the recipient.  • To cleanse your other stones to recharge and reboot their properties  • To clear and unblock the chakras for a more balanced sense of self - free of negativity and insecurities. • Use in prayer and meditation for reaching a higher sense of consciousness and acceptance of spiritual messages.

The Selenite Incense holder created by Ariana Ost is a beautiful way to bring Selenite into your life or gifted to someone special. This dreamy incense holder is made of a lush raw selenite log (we also think it's perfect to lay your other stones on for cleansing).  It ces with a pack of Natural Japanese incense sticks with a deliciously, delectable vanilla sandalwood scent. Burning incense is an incredible way to cleanse the energy of your space and infuse good vibes.

We'd love to hear your Selenite tips.  Feel free to share them with us!

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