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The Shakti Mat Journey Begins Here | Learn How to Choose the Right Acupressure Mat for You

You've heard about this spiky mat and now you are ready to get your hands on this prickly little thing. Today's blog post will help you decide which Shakti Mat to choose.


" I prefer softer massages and I am not ready to take the full leap."

Does the above quote sound like you? If so, the Yellow Shakti Mat is a good place to start since it is least intense.


"I love deep tissue massages and I'm seeking restoration and reward."

If the above quote relates to you then we suggest the Original Intensity Mat. With this level of intensity you have more color options to choose from. Choose the Black Shakti Mat, Orange Shakti Mat, Green Shakti Mat, or the Pink Shakti Mat.

"I'm brave and I'm ready to dive right in. Add me to the Shakti Master list."

If the quote above is TOTALLY you, go for the ‘black belt’ in your Shakti journey, with 2,000 fewer spikes to intensify the addictive Shakti burn. If you’ve tried The Original and looking for what’s next—this is the Shakti that will take your breath away. Enhanced intensity for the Shakti masters or simply the brave first-timers! The Indigo Shakti Mat is your ticket to Shakti Mastery.

We hope this blog post was helpful in choosing your perfect Shakti Mat. Once you receive your Mat, come back to this blog and join the Journey with us. We will be guiding you through all the ways to use your Shakti Mat. We can't wait to Shakti with you. See you on the spikes!

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