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drink more water
Drink up for healthier skin

It’s time to ditch the sugar and opt for water! Not only is water the key to fighting many types of hypertension and illness. But it’s also a huge part in keeping your skin looking young and hydrated. Sipping on water throughout the day will help your body flush out toxins, help your digestive track break down food properly and of course keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. No more slapping on excessive lotion.

Premature wrinkles? Excessive acne? Dull skin and chapped lips? Water! Water acts as an appetite suppressant so just by sipping, you can start slimming. Your body is a machine and while it’s at work you’re losing water just as you breathe. Hydrate from the inside out, Yin and Yang those body fluids.

Besides all the exterior benefits water can provide, it ultimately benefits your insides. From simply helping your digestive track break down food properly, to lubricating and cushioning your joints. Water can help reduce stress levels in the body and help your brain functions increase. Lightening your mood, relieving stress (which we all need) and aiding in relaxation.

So ditch the sugar and opt for water! Increase your energy this summer and give your body what it really needs.

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