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The Shakti Mats' best friend. Whether you want to take your Shakti game to the next level, or simply dip your toes in the world of acupressure—the Pillow has you covered. Designed with a half-moon curve to fit perfectly under your neck, lower back, feet or legs. Expect incredible tension relief and relaxation for your niggly problem areas.

16" Length | 6" Width | 4.3" Height


  • Relieves neck and shoulder tension
  • Unlocks deep relaxation
  • Assist healthy circulation for muscle restoration
  • Reset a restless mind
  • Experience deeper sleep


What People are Saying...


"I absolutely love my Shakti Mat and my Shakti Pillow, I use it every second night to relax before bed and I recommend it to everyone I know. My sleep is always so much better after using it, and it is so so so relaxing, I look forward to it so much. It does feel a bit funny at first, the first few tries I wore a t-shirt but now I don't, and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. Don't delay, buy one now! The pillow really takes it into the next level, so I recommend both. I also really appreciate their ethical stance on production which is sorely lacking with a lot of companies these days."

-Alexandra H.

Shakti Acupressure Pillow

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