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Each set comes in a beautiful drawstring bag. Perfect for storing and protecting your tingshas and great for gifting.

Tingshas bells are two handmade bell metal cymbals that are used in meditation, healing, aura cleansing, Feng Shui, and more!

When struck together they produce a clear high-pitched tone. The soothing rich sound of the tingsha awakens the spirit. 

These Tingshas were hand crafted in Nepal.

The Craftsmen:

Eastern Vibrations partner with craftsmen and women whose unique skills and generational wisdom are integral to us. Eastern Vibration is dedicated to provide the highest quality singing bowls in the world. We also work closely with our craftsmen in Nepal and provide support to the families who were affected by the April 2015 Earthquake by giving back a portion of our profits to where it is needed the most.

Tingsha Bells

SKU: 5358386190
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